Benefits Of Rugs In A Classroom

author / January 10, 2018

How often does one wonder about the incredible benefits rugs offer to a classroom? It has become a tool, not just for creating a friendly environment, but also for educating the children. Although it has become a norm to make kids learn through customized rugs that include numbers, alphabets, names of animals and so on. People may perceive that the benefit of using a rug is only limited to that. However, here we are going to highlight a few more additional benefits that come along with it for classroom management. 

  • High Level Of Noise Reduction:

Carpets and rugs are generally known to help in reducing the background noise by ten times in comparison to hardwood flooring. This feature is highly essential to a classroom because studies have shown that this improves learning significantly. Children get distracted easily and require optimal surrounding for hearing and understanding. Many states have passed a mandate to adopt acoustics standards for the classrooms, impressing on how important this matter is.

  • Safety:

Safety is one of the primary concerns when it involves children especially young kids. Carpet provides the ultimate solution preventing any form of injury in case of slips or falls. Most of the parents look for classrooms equipped with carpets and rugs to ensure their child’s safety.

  • Provides Utmost Comfort:

There are basically two ways in which carpets tend to offer the warmth we all love. 

  1. First is the fact that it provides thermal resistance making you feel the comfort.
  2. Second is the warm carpet material itself. 

Both of these together make the environment very pleasing and comfortable. For students and teachers, it expands the area of learning and allows them to teach in the most comfortable manner possible. 

  • Improved Air Quality:

Any reputable and concerned school will deal the health-related issues in the best way manageable. It includes adequate school cleaning of not just the floors and desks but also the overall air quality of the space. Carpets are of enormous help here because they trap allergens and other unwanted particles from the air. Furthermore, science tells us that when one walks on hardwood floors, the chances of the dust particles floating in the air become higher. When these particles become airborne, they naturally enter the breathing zone. All this can easily be avoided by using carpets instead of hardwood flooring. 

However, it is also true that new carpets emit volatile compounds into the air that can be quite harmful. But to maintain the emission level to a minimum, schools can buy carpetings that are certified with low-level materials. 

Overall, carpets have proven to be a versatile tool that brings ample benefits to a classroom for both the teachers and the students. You can further dive deeper into what types of rugs are best suitable for the classrooms. 

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